Putting in septic system
Traveling with Jim and Elaine - Our 2008 Colorado Adventure

Getting the septic system on the lot

Elaine flew to Colorado in mid July and we got started on the utilities.

One of the neighbor's monthly summer picnics.


One of the many rainbows that we get after a mountain shower.


The backhoe has arrived and the digging has started.


Leveling out the bottom of the hole for the tank.


Backing the tank into location.


Sliding the tank back over the hole.


Dropping the tank into the hole.


Two 54 foot rows of leach field infiltrators installed.


Hooking up the tank to the leach field.


Back filling and grading off the system with a bobcat.


A local well witcher finds the best well location.


The well site is marked with a stake and 2 small trees have
been removed to make room for the well drilling rig.


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