Setting up camp
Traveling with Jim and Elaine - Our 2008 Colorado Adventure

Back in the Park to get some utilities on the lot

After Elaine headed for Texas to visit with her grandkids, Jim heads back out to Colorado in mid June.

Arriving on the lot with the trailer in late June.


The mountains still have quite a bit of snow on them.


The steam train has added two dome cars this year.  They are
 popular with the tourists but take away from the old train look.


Some of the many wildflowers that are in bloom this spring.


I hiked with the local hiking group on one of their weekly hikes.


The beautiful mountain columbine is the Colorado state flower.


Rock formation along the hiking trail in the National Forest.


The steam train heading up toward the summit of Fir.


A view of our trailer from the railroad tracks.


A July 4th picnic for park residents at a neighbor's home.


View of wildflowers along one of the park roads.


Mountain columbine on the lot.


An elk herd visiting the lot in the early morning.


Elk grazing in the meadow as a morning freight train passes.


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