Drilling a well
Traveling with Jim and Elaine - Our 2008 Colorado Adventure

Getting a well drilled on the lot

Bringing in the well drilling rig and support truck.


Raising the rig into location.


The rig is in location and ready to start the drilling.


Drilling a 40 foot deep 10 inch hole for the steel casing.


Raising the steel casing so it can be dropped into the hole.


Mixing the cement that will fill the hole around the steel pipe.


Pouring cement into the hole around the pipe.


An August hail covers the ground and looks a lot like snow.


The exhaust pipe in location for the well drilling.


The debris is being blown from the pipe as the well is drilled.


At 124 feet the water finally starts flowing.


Air is blown into the hole to flush out all the loose debris.


Clear water is flowing from 170 feet down.


The finished and capped well.  Now I need to clean the dirt
from around the pipe and check on getting a pump installed.


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