Cleaning up our lot Cleaning up our lot
Traveling with Jim and Elaine - Our 2007 Colorado Adventure

Cleaning Up Our Lot

We were anxious to finish cleaning up our lot so we could better determine where we want our cabin situated before we begin getting permits and installing utilities. We used our Jeep and trailer to haul loads of dead wood to the Park's burn area and started with the piles of wood left from last year's cleanup before cleaning new areas.  The wood is surprisingly light because of the dry air so it didn't take too long to get a trailer load together.  The hardest part was getting rid of the dead pines because they have many, many branches and are much larger than the aspens.  The dead aspen were much easier to clear as they had very few small limbs.


Piles of dead wood remaining from last year's cleanup


We used Rubi to haul trailers full of the dead wood to the burn pile


Jim cutting up a big dead pine tree


Oh No, Jim caught me taking his picture


These rounds must be split before being sent to the burn pile


Just a few more pieces and we'll have a trailer full

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