Views in the Park
Traveling with Jim and Elaine - Our 2007 Colorado Adventure

Back in the Park to finish cleaning the lot

After getting Elaine settled in back home, Jim headed back to Colorado to finish cleaning the lot in early September.


Arriving on the lot the first week of September.


Some deer are on the lot keeping the grasses chewed down.


Got the camper off of the truck and setting on some log
rounds to help stabilize it.


One of our neighbors gave us a small shed that will be handy
to store yard tools and other items in while we're here.


This is the mess that I need to clean up.


I've definitely got my work cut out for me.


A beautiful mountain morning sunrise from our lot.


Tying down a load of deadwood that is headed for the burn
pile in the park.


Took a walk down to the old corrals that are near the railroad
 tracks below our lot.


A view of our camper from the corrals.


Train at the summit of Fir with mountains in the background.


Train passing the old corrals below our lot.


Another beautiful mountain sunrise viewed from our lot.


Used some of the deadwood to put up a corner fence to
mark the lot corner.


Another load headed for the burn pile. I averaged 2 loads per
 day without wearing myself out too much in this thin air.


View along one of the roads on my morning walk.


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