Views in the Park
Traveling with Jim and Elaine - Our 2007 Colorado Adventure

Finished cleaning the lot


Late afternoon hail storm. Summer rain storms often contain
hail at these altitudes.


The front of the lot has been cleaned - now I move around
to the back of the lot.


Getting ready to load deadwood from the back of the lot. Having
a corner lot is nice in that I can drive around to the back of it.


The aspens are changing to yellow and orange on the lot.


The last load is headed to the burn pile. I ended up taking about
50 truckloads of deadwood off the lot in 4 weeks.


This is the row of brush I dumped at the burn area. It is
about 60 feet long.


Deer on the neighbor's lot.


Views along the lane below our lot.


A special photo opt train was run to allow photographers to get
some great photos. The cost was $200+ to ride the train but
being it passes our lot, I got some nice photos for free.


View along one of the roads as the aspen turn to red.


Heading down the front hill out of the park.


Heading down the front hill with the aspen in fall colors.


The county road from the park gate to the paved highway.


The view along one of the park roads.


The lot is finally cleaned of all the deadwood.


It was a lot of work but the lot now looks ready to build on.


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