Views in the Park
Traveling with Jim and Elaine - Our 2007 Colorado Adventure

Heading for home


I added a second piece of fence to better define the driveway.
Most of the leaves have blown off the trees on our lot as we
are on the edge of the woods. The more sheltered trees still
have their leaves.


The view from up on one of the hills in the park where a friend
lives. I'm taking one last look around before heading back east.


The mountains are getting some early snows up there. This
is the view from our camper on the lot.


I washed and waxed the truck to get ready for the long drive
back to the east coast.


The top of the long front hill heading out of the park.


Starting down the hill.


Around the bend and on downward.


Another bend and downward with some mountain views.


More mountain views as I descend the front hill.


The hill is in pretty good shape and is easy going down with
the small camper. With larger campers, it can be a bit harder
getting down. The up side of the road tends to get some
washboard effects on it and can bounce you around a bit.


Just a few more bends and we'll be down the hill.


A mountain view as we approach the last bend to the front gate.


Through the front gate and we're out of the park.


Down the 4 miles of county road and we'll be to the highway.
You can see some of the washboard on this road. I take it
slow to avoid bouncing around too much.


Mountain views from the county road as we approach the highway.


Onto the highway and headed up LaVeta Pass and eastward.


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