San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad San Luis and Rio Grande Railroad
Traveling with Jim and Elaine - Our 2007 Colorado Adventure

San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad

Our property is situated facing the horseshoe loop where cattle from Malcolm Forbes' ranch were loaded onto trains, which affords us the opportunity to see the San Luis & Rio Grande tourist train coming and going each day.  We always look forward to seeing the steam train on weekends and often can see passengers waving at us as they chug by.  Often train enthusiasts and photographers from all over come down to the loop to take photos and movies of #SP-1744 (a fully-restored, turn-of-the-century steam locomotive built by Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philadelphia for the Southern Pacific Railroad which was commissioned into regular service in 1901).  Because of our love of train rides, we named our property "Whistletop" and Jim made the sign below from wood in the Park - he did it with a chainsaw! He's working on a "puff of smoke" to hang above the train sign with our names on it.


Our new sign carved from a piece of a local log.


Steam train coming round the east side of the park.


Jim hiked up to the pass to get this picture.


Train rounding the horseshoe loop in front of our lot on it's way
 over to La Veta.


Chugging round the horseshoe loop





Heading up to the summit at Fir and then over to La Veta


50 people from the park rode the steam train over to La Veta
 and enjoyed lunch at the La Veta Inn.


The view from the summit at Fir.


Speeders on a siding at the summit.


Train passing the old corrals in front of our lot on it's way
back from La Veta.


Rounding the loop on it's way down in the afternoon.


Train high above Wagon Creek Trail as it heads back to Alamosa.


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