Views in the Park
Traveling with Jim and Elaine - Our 2007 Colorado Adventure

Views within the Park

With over 125 miles of dirt road in the park, we took long rides daily throughout different areas to enjoy the wildlife and the views.  The spectacular views are hard to capture with a camera and each turn in the road produces a different view. 


View from "Whistletop" situated at 9200' elevation (Elaine has named our
property).  The wildflowers were mostly white this day but change daily.


The view from the train tracks in front of our lot.  The
white speck in the middle of the photo is our camper.


Fog is rolling into our meadow and hiding the mountain views
 - taken from our camper on the lot.


Visiting with one of our neighbors (at 9800' elevation).


The neighbor's cabin at 9800' with solar electric.


Lake view from neighbor's cabin.


View of the mountains from the neighbor's front deck


Another neighbor with great mountain views.


A view of the train track as it winds along the east side of the park
 - taken from the steam train near the Fir Pass summit above our lot.


View along Wagon Creek Trail in the park.


One of the many roads in the Park


A rainbow viewed from our camper after a brief rainfall - you can
barely see a double rainbow starting to form above the lower one.


The beautiful mountain view from the community center in the park


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