Wildlife in the Park Wildlife in the Park
Traveling with Jim and Elaine - Our 2007 Colorado Adventure

Wildlife in the Park

With many, many acres of National Forest and BLM land surrounding Forbes Park, wildlife can be found roaming throughout at all times of the day and night.  We saw lots of elk and deer, with a few sightings of wild turkey, a wolf, a porcupine, beavers, and little critters of all kinds. Most of our friends and neighbors had visits by bear, but we didn't get to see any.  The nearest sighting was 1/2 mile away, with a neighbor's shed door busted and a huge paw print on another door. Typically, they shy away from loud noises but if you leave any remnants of food outside, you'll likely be paid a visit.  The bears got treated to a cooler full of steaks, dog food left in bowls outside, an apple core thrown in the yard and hummingbird feeders on second story decks (those were the ones we heard about - there were probably more sightings, though).


Buck on our lot


One of the elk herds in the park


Elk with their young ones


Elk with their young ones


Elk in the park


Elk herd in the park


Prairie dogs


Morning elk herd down by the tracks


Chipmunk on our lot


Elk family




Two early morning bucks on our lot.


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