October, 2001 Trip To New York State

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WaterfallOne of the highlights and a very interesting spot in the gorge at Watkins Glen is this waterfall where you actually get to walk behind the falls....
Looking through the falls....and look out through it.  This is definitely something you don't get a chance to do every day.
Watkins GlenHere are some of the many steps in the gorge.  Most of the walkways here in the gorge have stone walls along their edge.  There are two waterfalls in this photo, a larger falls above the stone bridge in the center of the photo and a small narrow falls below the bridge.
Watkins GlenHere we see some of the rock formations that have been carved out in this gorge by the flow of water over a period of many, many, many years.
Watkins Glen fallsHere is another one of the several stone bridges in the gorge with a few more of those 832 steps leading up to it.  There is a small lace like waterfall on the left cascading down from the ledge above the walkway, while the stream under the bridge tumbles over a few more ledges on it's way through this beautiful gorge.
Watkins GlenOh no, not more steps.... here are a few clear pools where we can see the stones on the bottom of the pools.  When we reach the one mile point where the rim trail and the indian trail joins the gorge trail, we stop for a snack and a drink, then decide to take the rim trail back towards the entrance, hoping to get some overhead views of the gorge.  It turns out to be just a trail through the woods, high above the gorge. We get no views of the gorge until we reach the point where the rim trail joins the indian trail that is on the other side of the gorge by way of a bridge high above the gorge.
Watkins Glen fall colorsThe views from this bridge are really amazing as we look down at the steps, walkways and gorge far below us framed by some bright yellow trees.
Bridge at Watkins GlenNo trip is complete until we get someone to take a picture of us, if for no other reason than to prove we were actually here.
Watkins GlenComing down from the bridge, we rejoin the gorge trail and head back toward the entrance.  This photo gives you some idea of the depth of the gorge and you also get to see how the walkways have been built into the walls of the gorge.
Watkins Glen walkwaysAs we near the beginning of the gorge, we can see here some of the many levels of walkways and stone walls.  The walkways have been well laid out as far as blending them into the walls of the gorge and not taking too much away from the natural beauty of this area.
Watkins Glen fallsOne last look back up the gorge as we head for the entrance.  Note the heart shaped pool that has been carved out by the waters at the bottom of this photo.
Sun raysComing out of the gorge, we look back and see the setting sun, which makes for this interesting photo.  We climb into the truck and head up the hill where we get a site at the Watkins Glen State Park campground.  The cost is $22.75 for a campsite with electric.  $2.75 of this amount is a non reservation fee, so I guess if you call ahead and reserve a site, you can save $2.75.

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